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From: JJ Abbondanti
Subject: College Decisions - Part one (Gay - College)Hi all! This story is entirely fiction based on my own ideas/fantasies.
This story is about gay men consenting to gay sexual activities. If you
are a minor or this type of material offends you, please leave now. Please
don’t reproduce this story without my permission because it’s my work and I
own all the rights to it. This is my first attempt at story writing. Advice
and Comments welcome at jjabbondantihotmail.comThanks, JulianPart - 1It all started when I got home from school that Wednesday in May. It had
been one of the worst days of my life at school with 3 surprise quizzes. Of
course I felt as if I were not as prepared as I would have liked to have
been. I had come home with two of my best friends as we had our final
project to do for Advanced Chemistry. As we pulled into Pthc Toplist Lolita my drive, Micah
looked to me and said,”Dude, look at your mailbox! It is overflowing.”"It is probably all of my rejection letters. They just seem to be pouring
in lately” I replied.In a disgusted tone, Meagan looked to me and said, “Seriously Julian, you
are so hard on yourself. So what if you get some rejection letters. Just
think, the five schools that you want to get into the most have not sent
you a reply yet. I bet that you will be seeing one of the schools pretty
soon.”"I guess we will just have to wait and see.” I said.As we walked to the mailbox, I was dreading going through all of the
letters in which I had most likely been rejected. When I reached for all of
the letters, I divided them up between Meagan, Micah and myself. We walked
to the kitchen of my house and each grabbed our beverages of choice and
then headed up to my room to get down to business.We took turns opening up the letters and the first four that we opened were
all rejections. Micah started to open up the next one and by the way he was
looking, it had to be good.
“JULIAN!!! Dude, you got into PRINCETON!!!” he said.This was one of my top three universities that I wanted to attend. Ever
since I was a child, I wanted to go to this school. Many of my family
members went to this school, including my mom, dad and older sister. If I
hadn’t gotten this letter, I think my whole family would have Pthc Toplist Lolita been let
down.”Way to go, Julian!!! If you go there, maybe we can be roommates.” Micah
stated.”We’ll see. Mom and dad have been pressuring me to go to Pthc Toplist Lolita Princeton, but I
don’t know if it is the school for me. I know that they both went there and
they give a lot of money to the school. Do I want to follow in my parents
footsteps? What if I just want to be me? All my life, Pthc Toplist Lolita I have had to live
with everyone making decisions for me. When is it going to be time for
Julian to make decisions for him? I want to be able to make some mistakes
and learn from them too. I am 18 years old and have spent the last four
years of my life doing what would make my parents happy. I get straight A’s
and am president of the student body. I volunteer every week Pthc Toplist Lolita at the senior
center and even work as a tutor in the science department. I do so much for
others, but maybe this time, I am going to do something for me. What are my
parents going to do when they find about Jameson? I can’t tell them, at
least not yet. I am not ready for that. They would kick me out of the house
for sure.” I whined.”Oh honey. you know that your parents will love you no matter what. Look at
Stephanie. She got caught with weed and your parents did not do a damn
thing. They made her feel guilty about it and then that was it. Plus, they
know that Micah is gay and they do not care about him.” Meagan said.”Yeah, man. You need to tell them. Jameson is either over here all the time
or you are out with him at his place. Your parents are going to start
putting two and two together. We cannot keep covering for you. You and
Jamie make a cute couple. He is the nicest guy and he is already out, so
you know that he has been there and done that and will support you no
matter what happens. I think you just need to think it over. If you don’t
go to Princeton, what will you do? Jameson, Meagan and I are all going
there. Where the hell would you be going?” Micah asked with a hint of
frustration in his voice.”Enough! Please just stop talking about it. I should be able to come out
when I am ready to come out. I know that the two of you are looking out for
me, but just leave this decision alone. When I am ready I will come out.” I
cried out with tears streaming down my cheeks.With all this pressure I did not feel up to working on the chemistry
project. Who wants to study amino acid sequences when you felt as bad as I
did? Micah and Meagan were both frustrated with me and I could tell. Micah
knew what I was struggling with. He should have been compassionate and
understanding and not trying to pressure me.”Well folks, I think that we are about done here. There is no point in
trying to study with the two of you tonight. Micah, you need to be nicer to
him, and Julian just please think about what we said. It was not meant to
be hurtful or anything. We are your best friends. Sometimes we have to say
things to each other that we may not like. In the end, we all love each
other and that is how it is. Micah, let’s go. I have to be up early in the
morning. Julian, I will talk to you later love. Good night.” Meagan said.”Bye dude. I will see you tomorrow. Be here around 7:15. Love you!” Micah
said as he kissed my cheek.”Bye guys, see you tomorrow. Maybe I will be in Pthc Toplist Lolita
a better mood. I sure hope
so. Love you too!” I said without too much enthusiasm.As they walked out of the room, I somewhat felt bad that I had been so
grumpy with them. I knew that they were there to help, but at the same
time, I was just not in the mood. As I sprawled out on my big bed, I
thought to myself how lucky I really was.I grew up in a town called Basking Ridge, New Jersey. I was Pthc Toplist Lolita born there and
there I stayed. My mom and dad both worked for Verizon Wireless and had
always had really good jobs. My mom was the northeast area President in
charge of Retail Sales Operations. My dad on the other hand was a nerd. He
was one of the chief network engineers for the company overseeing all of
the employees in the northeast. It was nice growing up, always getting the
phone that was newest and best.I took after my dad a lot. I was always a nerd in school, but at the same
time, I was very much so into sports. I was on the golf team and I also was
on the swim team. I guess you could say that I had a swimmers build. Since
I was a little kid, I had always had brown shaggy hair with green eyes. I
was about five feet eleven inches and weighed in at about 170 during high
school.I was brought out of my reminiscence by my phone vibrating on my pillow. I
looked down and the biggest smile spread across my face. Jameson was
calling me for our nightly talk.*************************Well guys, that is it for Part one. Please send me feedback as this is my
first story. I would love to hear from you. jjabondantihotmail.comThanks a bunch!Julian
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